Los(t) Angeles: Linkroll For a New City

As an active participant in the constantly evolving blogosphere, I have chosen to explore and contribute to the vital and continually controversial global and local issue of environmental sustainability. As a strong advocate of pursuing means to achieve sustainability, I have searched the Internet for environmental issue and aid websites that contain relevance to my topic of interest. I have incorporated the sites that I found useful and relatable in my Linkroll on my own blog, Sustainable City, as a means of enhancing my proposed ideologies.

I have created the Sustainable City blog to provide Los Angelinos with information regarding current environmental issues existent in L.A that other sustainable cities around the world have already started to help alleviate by living environmentally conscious and active lives. Through utilizing meta-engines such as Dogpile and Metacrawler, a blog engine called Blog Flux, and websites that I had previously used in real estate development and planning classes, I have compiled an informative and supportive Linkroll. This Linkroll is meant to supplement the posts presented in my blog, which will allow readers to easily access other supporting sites that refer to my blog’s argument and what actions should be used to alleviate these problems. By utilizing the Webby Awards and IMSA guidelines, I searched through the many websites and blogs that the web provided. I was then able to distinguish the sites that I found noteworthy, as they showed pertinent content and viable information along with clear structures, vivid visual designs, functionality, and were published by the scientific community, environmentalist, and sustainable planners.

One of the websites that I found particularly notable and included in my Linkroll is the Webby Award -winning website Treehugger. This site, which has been deemed the most popular eco website, is dedicated to creating a sustainable world by providing insight on environmental issues and provides readers with information on how they can help save the environment. Another website I included in my Linkroll based on its informative support and proper execution, is called the Sustainable Cities website and blog. This site presents information, cases, issues, and articles from experts explaining the important links between sustainable planning and curbing environmental problems in today’s world. I will continue to update my Linkroll as I pursue more websites and blogs that possess vital environmental issues and information that aid smart growth and sustainable planning and living in this quickly degenerating.

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